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Sometimes you will never know the true value of A MOMENT
until it becomes A MEMORY.

The best part of being a photographer is preserving special moments in people's lives. Sometimes it is simply the love that you feel for your family, or that your little ones are growing up so fast and you want to capture that moment in time. 

I have always enjoyed taking photos and have always carried some sort of camera with me everywhere I go. My first camera was a Polaroid and then for my high school graduation I received my first 35mm point and shoot. When digital was introduced I began shooting on a Canon Elf but knew that someday I wanted more from a camera.  Then it finally happened.  Christmas morning, 2009, my husband surprised me with my first DSLR. 

My education began with reading the manual that came with my camera, books by Scott Kelby and others and just by taking photos of anything and everything--from flowers to bugs to shoes and dolls.  Yes, dolls.  My old Cabbage Patch kids, to be precise.  I knew I had to try and learn all I could about taking pictures of babies before I had children because once that happened I wanted to be ready to capture all of life's precious moments.

I have taken thousands of photos of my boys. Probably tens of thousands. And I post my favorites on Facebook. That eventually led to others asking if I was a professional photographer. My answer at the time was no. But I was willing to try and take photos of other families, if they were willing to hire me.  So the summer of 2014 is when the professional gig began. I started out by taking some engagement photos, an intimate wedding ceremony, senior graduation photos and some family sessions. I had a lot of fun and success which gave me the courage to get to this point.

I enjoy natural light and lifestyle photography sessions most, so my goal is to take most photos without the use of a flash (unless it requires some slight fill flash.)

I would love to be your photographer to capture your moments. 

Jennifer Boldt


Photo Credit: Jamie Zellmer - Passion for Pictures